Release Date Set for UNSPEAKABLE HORROR 2!

It’s official: UNSPEAKABLE HORROR 2: ABOMINATIONS OF DESIRE will bow on October 31, 2017—Halloween! The long-awaited sequel to the groundbreaking queer horror anthology UNSPEAKABLE HORROR: FROM THE SHADOWS OF THE CLOSET (Dark Scribe Press, 2008) will explore the dark underbelly of desire and the terrifying consequences when human desire twists, bends, warps, mutates…when it’s fed and when it’s starved. With a confirmed list of contributors that boasts top-notch talent from both the horror and LGBT literary communities—including Gemma Files, Stephen Graham Jones, David Nickle, Helen Marshall, Laird Barron, Marshall Moore, Tom Cardamone, Greg Herren, Lisa Morton, Lee Thomas, Norman Prentiss, Erastes, among others—Vince promises “an edgier, more provocative collection.”

Although the first volume of the UNSPEAKABLE HORROR series is no longer in print, you can find used copies here.

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