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Bram Stoker Award

2008 Bram Stoker Award
Superior Achievement in an Anthology
Horror Writers Association

Review Excerpts:

“It was inevitable that the narrowing portals of the publishing industry – in this case, the horror side – would yield a bevy of small presses geared at bringing new fear fiction to readers increasingly starved for quality. While books from such outfits can be a bit of a gamble, there is much to praise in Unspeakable Horror: From the Shadows of the Closet, a sharp, new gay-themed anthology. The 24 entries comprise a sophisticated collection of topnotch tales of terror, most of which could appear in any fright anthology without qualification, and suggest the maturing of ‘gay horror’ into a viable and solid genre indeed.”
Fangoria Magazine (Issue 283, May 2009)

Unspeakable Horror is a truly delightful tour of horrifying possibilities involving characters attracted to the same sex. Closeted homosexuality may appear, at first glance, to be a redundant theme for such a sizeable anthology, but most of the twenty-four stories are gripping, unexpected, and universally appealing – authored by fine writers who no doubt represent the full spectrum of sexual orientations. Editors and horror aficionados Vince A. Liaguno and Chad Helder have done a stellar job choosing some wonderfully unexpected quality yarns.”
Horror Bound Magazine [Full Review]

“There are plenty of those to be found in Liaguno and Helder’s collection of 23 tales of queer faeries, psychopaths, ghosts of tormented lovers and hapless victims. What impresses me is the sheer literacy of these stories. There are no cheap shocks or Stephen King-like pop culture regurgitations here; only nasty things that bump and shudder the bed as you read.”
– Out In Print [Full Review]

“In reflecting on this book, I’m reminded of how much fine work is being produced by the indie press. Liaguno and Helder, to their credit, took their time in producing the finest anthology possible, and the finished product doesn’t disappoint. On the whole, Unspeakable is a highly recommended read for all horror fans, as it offers something for everyone. Lovers of the dark, the literary, the gruesome, and even the disgusting, will find something to treasure.”
– Fear Zone [Full Review]

“Whether you’re a fan of crime, mystery, fantasy or straight-up horror, chances are something that lurks in this anthology’s closet will reach out and grab you. And if you wind up sleeping with the lights on…you will have gotten your money’s worth.”
– Horror World [Full Review]

Unspeakable Horror is a standout anthology with a unique focus on queer-themed horror tales. There’s a lot to recommend, from tales where horror takes a back seat to the characters and musing tales of their challenges, to stories starring vampires, zombies, ghosts, evil faeries, doppelgangers, and more who complicate already conflicted lives. These tales do not isolate or exclude, but rather put readers in the heads of those who feel lost, struggling with ideas of society, sexuality and themselves.”
Monster Librarian [Full Review]

“Themed anthologies tend to be rather narrow in scope, but Unspeakable Horror throws open the GLBT closet and cuts loose with this exuberantly wide-ranging queer-themed antho that will delight horror fans of every inclination: gay, straight or otherwise…In all, there are 24 great tales from stellar a lineup of award-winning writers who rock the gay experience with a breathtaking range of universally meaningful tales. Watch out! The monsters in the closet are out and they’re coming for you.”
Creature Feature [Full Review]

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